That time the earth moved for them too

Bard ToursTM claims that the entrance currently in use is the one made by the zombie ogre creatures. Whilst it is possible this is the case, the years of veneration, layers of structural work, and additional tourist infrastructure have served to make some question the authenticity of this claim. Some have claimed that the current tunnel was constructed at a later date as part of an expansion of the burial facilities. And, of course, there are the diehard sceptics that think that Sir Beresford and co. are purely mythical, along with elder gods, mutated animals, and kraken, and that this is merely a capitalist money-making conspiracy.

And lo, the spectral beings didst reach out to steal life force. And Sir Beresford and his companions struck them mightily. But lo, Galindan returned from facing his enemy alone, and he struck with Grunk with the sword. And Mortimer, out of fear, sent him to the ceiling. And when Sir Beresford had wiped out the other spectral beings, Mortimer let Galindan down so that Sir Beresford could restrain him, as Ragnor expelled the evil from him. And because the others were so weakened by battle, Sir Beresford chose to take them outside to the light, so that they might recuperate in the safety of daylight, which the spectral beings appeared to abhor.

And as the sun set, behold, there arose from the ground an arm! And as they prepared themselves for what this might mean, another arm arose and tried to grab Mortimer. And lo, he elevated himself to safety. But Sir Beresford boldly stepped forth and tried to pull the arm. But several arrows from Galindan did sever the arm. But the owner of the hand returned to face the might of Sir Beresford and grabbed him, but this troubled Sir Beresford little. And another of these reanimated ogre creatures came forth. But they were no match for Sir Beresford and his companions.

And they entered again into the caverns, and claimed the weapons of a gnomish warrior. But lo, the enemy knew they had returned, and there came forth a mighty undead necromancer who showered lightning and death upon them, and especially upon Mortimer, for he held the necromancer’s orb. And he let go of the orb for fear of fueling the necromancer with his own life force, and Grunk did shatter the orb, to prevent it from being a source of evil. And lo, they didst send the necromancer back to death.

We’re off for a few weeks for school holidays, and you’re all level 7 now.

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