That time Sir Beresford lost his grip

The cavern site is known to us in these modern times. Bard ToursTM do live performances of the
Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII, in which they enact this episode. Some have followed them in their interpretation of the events below, in thinking that Sir Beresford stripped down to fight these spectres. I’m more inclined to think something less … spectacular … occurred.

And lo, Sir Beresford and his companions proceeded further to another cavern. And lo, Galindan did go forth to reconnoiter the cavern. And as he was gone an unusually long time, Sir Beresford boldly went forth in case he was in dire need. But lo, he was safe, and wanted to continue on. But Ragnor did perceive that some enchantment was upon them, and that it seemed to be coming from a gem high in the wall, that none save him had seen. And it did war against their minds, confusing them into wanting to keep walking. But lo, Sir Beresford was too strong for its compulsion, and he did dispel the magic from the gem. And lo, their thoughts were no longer clouded by the compulsion. And they saw that this cavern did make a loop in order to trap lesser mortals.

And beyond the looped cavern, behold, there lay a vast expanse, from which a bright light shone, obscured by the limestone pillars, with shadows moving hither and thither. And Sir Beresford and his companions strode boldly to face these shadows. And they moved effortless through the pillars, for they were very many ethereal spectres, a legion of them. And as they were ethereal, Sir Beresford marched straight unto them, and cast off his weaponry. And he feared them not, for he showed them how little he needed his weapons. And behold, the angels of heaven did come in their manifold legions to subdue this legion of spectres for Sir Beresford. Ylajali was so impressed that she also cast off her staff, but because she was not strong in faith, she took it up again. And the spectres were no more.

And did set in that place to rest, for the spectres had absorbed life force from Ylajali and Ragnor. And in that place, there was a stone block, like a square altar, with a circle of salt about it. And there came from within it a spell of protection from evil. And they knew not whether to disturb its peace or to find out what lay within. But there came more spectres. And they seemed frighten, and Sir Beresford drew back with the others to allay their fears, as Galindan went by himself to face one alone.

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