That time Mortimer “hired” some “interns”

Moralists have opined endlessly about the Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII because of its perceived support for the art of necromancy. There are two clerics in his party, and none appear to have any qualms about harbouring a necromancer. Many conservative politicians consider the whole work a left-wing culture war tool to undermine the morals of the next generation, lulling you in with tales of heroism, and then eroding your mind with ideas like socialism and necromancy.

And lo, JonJon did examine the staff of Ylajali, and did beckon her to increase her confidence in the staff. And he didst form the star-metal into a suit of armour for Ragnor. And lo, they all longed to slay more monsters. And they did remember that they left an entire gnomish city full of zombies, and thus they returned north to slay the vile creatures.

And lo, they didst come upon a severed arm by a river. And further upstream, there were the remains of men who had been ripped in half. And nearby, there lay the entrance to a cave. Within, they came upon a hundred skeletons, a mere entree for Sir Beresford. And they slew them mercilessly. But lo, as they began to inspect the cavern, there didst come upon them a hundred mummified corpses. And Ylajali did advance boldly against them, but she tripped and fell among them, and contracted the deadly contagion called “Mummy rot”. But the others did utterly vanquish the remainder, and rescued her, for she was deathly sick with the rot. And Mortimer did call upon two of his former foes to become his slaves, to command them against the other hordes of undead. And they didst leave the cavern and brought her to the safety of a nearby hollow. And in the morning, Sir Beresford did touch her, and she was healed.

And they ventured again into the cavern, having seen in the night evidence of an ogre-sized undead creature. And lo, they found twenty of them. And lo, Mortimer’s undead allies were surprisingly effective against these creatures. And they did rain down fire upon them after their normal manner, and they did destroy these monstrosities. And they inspected another part of the cavern, and lo, there was an underground grotto full of glowing plants, with a statue of a gnomish goddess whose hands had been cut and whose base had been desecrated. And lo, Mortimer knew that a necromancer had been here, and he did suggest that an object connected to that necromancer must be near. And lo, Sir Beresford dived into the water, and did hastily retrieve an inky black, glowing orb from the base of the pool.

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  1. David M says:

    I would have thought that necromancy would be more of a neo-capitalist idea myself. After all, it goes as far down the road of exploiting the workers as one can really go… 😉

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