Weekend away 2017

Once again we will be having an awesome weekend away over the June long weekend. This is the post where you can say whether you are coming and if you need or can give a lift. There will be a future post where you can put in activities or games you want to organise on the weekend.

When: 9-12 June (long weekend)

Where: Swaggers Inn, Yass

To book with Swaggers Inn ring them on 02 6226 9900 and mention that you are with the ministry of game group to get a discount.

Comments are back, so comment here or go to our fb page to let us know that you are coming!

The Activity Spreadsheet has arrived.  If you wish to run a game or visit the local site with people put the information into the spreadsheet so that others can sign up and come along! Activity Spreadsheet here!

We have created a spreadsheet for transportation down to Yass, so if you are driving and can give lifts please put your name down.  We also have  a place for people who need to be picked up from Yass station.

Lift Spreadsheet Here!



6 comments on “Weekend away 2017
  1. Mark says:

    Emily and Mark will be there

  2. Mark says:

    Helen, Emily Smith and Chloe have also booked

  3. Patrick Phelan says:

    Patrick and Sambhan would love a lift if possible.

  4. David M says:

    I’d love to go this year, especially as it will be my last. Will need a lift though, and a roommate. Happy to cook in return for one or both of these…

  5. Jason A says:

    Going – yet to book. Will probably room with Dave again. Lift capacity of 2, but leaving from southern Sydney.

  6. David M says:

    Right then. Since nobody else has yet put their hand up, I’ll volunteer to run a one-off. Something reasonably simple: 5th ed D&D, 1st lvl characters. Some good old-fashioned hack-n-slashing fun. I’ll slot it in for Saturday morning, though the time is negotiable.

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