That time they contemplated economic stimulus through property investment

As incredible and fantastic as I find many of these so-called Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII, it is a verifiable fact that these people existed. We have, for instance, recovered some of the earliest coins minted here. Initially dismissed as crude forgeries, these have come to be assessed as real due to the realisation that the ‘stick figure’ coin imprints and odd phonetic spelling were probably the work of half-literate, creatively starved children.

And lo, as we looked upon our triumph, there came unto the cave an elf hunter by the name of Galidan, who came upon these parts in search of a fabled city in the north. And we advised him of the dangers of seeking such places alone, and instead beseeched him to join us. And lo, after some rest, we did returneth to kinder pastures with our newly refined star-metal, and behold, the nomads were preparing their tents to also depart to other pastures.

And we came upon the town again and laid upon the miners the duty of refining the remainder of our extracted gold. And we did search for the famed artificer, Jon-Jon son of Baraphion. And lo, he bid us fish upon the rocks to test our mettle. And though Ragnor initially failed miserably, he did fare well on his second. And we came upon the man’s hut, and after he prepared the fish, he did harken unto us to join him in a meal. But the food was not pleasant to all but Ylajali, and they did speak of an exchange of goods and services. And when the others had recovered from the redness of face and tongue, she did explain again that the Shield of Sun and Stars was not truly reparable, for though it may perhaps be repaired in form yet in magic it could not. And she had agreed to his terms, that in return for the broken shield and a supervised inspection of her staff, he would make something for the dwarf from the lump of star-metal.

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  1. David M says:

    You see, if we did build a castle next to the mine, then while we’re off investigating things, the workers could form an anarcho-socialist collective, where each of them takes turns being an executive officer of the week, and…

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