A Graveyard of Civilisations

We could not take it any longer. The Magocracy had always been vile, prejudiced, intransigent, but not like this. They’d been tolerantly dismissive of religions and other magics. They’d merely sent creatives and innovators to quiet places where they wouldn’t stir the pot. They at least gave the common man the means of living a quiet, sufficient life.

But then, they unveiled their “iron men”, these “forgeries” of workers and guards. Now, they attack those who do not toe the line on their “humanism”, their glorification of themselves as ‘like gods’. Huh! The gall. Now, they exile anyone who disagrees with their way of doing things. Hmm! They wanted to exile us. We didn’t want to stay.

And so, here we are, my brethren, on another shore, making new lives. We, the refugees of the Magocracy, will seek out our own destinies on this vast land. With a little help from these native elves, we shall forge a new society, one that is free of the oppression that has driven us here.

But there is hard work ahead of us. It may take some seasons until we can fully live off the land. It may take us longer to become firmly established. But the elves tell us that the land is desolate, a land full of old cities and ancient places. If only there were men and women brave enough to seek out what they left behind, who are smart and strong enough to face what untold, silent guardians may be in these places, and bring back something that can help us build our new settlement!

*hushed whispering*

And also, there are zombies. Apparently, there are lots of zombies.

So, yes, may ye brave warriors and explorers and magicians step forth, and undertake such a task!


A Graveyard of Civilisations is a DnD Fifth Edition campaign. The free rules are available here. All races that are available in that, the PHB, and the Goliath race from the Elemental Evil players companion (available here, it’s free) are eligible. In terms of general character background and motivations, you’re character is in all likelihood:

  • someone oppressed for any of the reasons listed in the intro, e.g. religious, too left-wing, not orthodox, generally a troublemaker, more intelligent than the ruling class, not human, someone whose career is threatened by a robot workforce, any reason why someone like Tony Abbott et. al. would think you were either deviant or a threat;
  • or an elf from the ‘new world’;
  • or any other race the settlers may have perchance met while they island-hopped to the ‘new world’.
  • Probably somewhere in the non-evil part of the ethical spectrum

Because of the situation you will be in, there will be an adjustment to starting equipment. Most important is that hard currency is practically non-existent (and thus worth heaps if you actually have any), so no starting gold (not that you’ll have any places to spend it), but I will compensate somewhat with additional exploration-type equipment. Because of that, you won’t necessarily have to select “explorer’s kit” when equipping yourself.

If you really, really want to roll for your stats, we’ll have to witness it. Who knows, you might get 18, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 or something ridiculous like that. You’ll always have the option to take up a point-buy. Feats are allowed. Multiclassing is allowed. Customised backgrounds are encouraged, with consultation.


Currently known character selections (selections may/may not be final):

Michael – Human cleric (War domain)
Ben – Grey Hulk … uhh, I mean, human barbarian/multi-class something or another
David – Half-orc sorceror (or maybe bard?)
Miriam – gnome monk
Adrian – [ ]

One comment on “A Graveyard of Civilisations
  1. Kelton says:

    Remember Azathoth from one of the 4e games a while back?

    Yep, he’s back.
    He ended up being dislocated to the island, but he was likley to be exiled anyway, what with wielding deviant magic and unpredictably exploding at times. So, he’d be happy to go along with the crowd!

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