There's a bear in there.

There’s a bear in there.


My Lord. I have to request that you send more assistance in looking after your daughter. She continues to be reckless, wild, and unpredictable. She has come near death more times in the past few weeks than the entire time since she first formed the bond with me.


While on a mission for the local general to help find a princess, we were attacked by were-rats. I should have learnt from our first encounter in the sewers that it was no place to visit. We were rapidly surrounded and though all fought bravely, I was banished back to my home realm too quickly. Her companions proved quite resourceful and managed to save the day. Or so I’ve heard.


Something quite unexpected happened next. I don’t know how, but your daughter managed to join me in my home plane. I did not even know that this was possible! Her power is increasing greatly. I suppose it is to be expected since she is your offspring.


When we both returned to the material plane our companions had been busy. I have sketchy reports from them, but it turns out that this entire area is infested with shape shifters. We established a code phrase to ensure that we could at least trust each other, now we just have to remember to use it.


Staying at the house of Kaius, I thought it would be safe for Sofia. However some brutes came in and tried to slaughter the legate and all in his house in the middle of the night. Thankfully Shan was quick to act and the rat doctor Writ managed to keep your daughter alive. She was desperate to summon me and called a gorilla, a crocodile, elementals and more. Quite the menagerie. She did well, but when an unknown cleric appeared behind her with an axe she did the most sensible thing and tried to run. She was cut down as she fled by an honourless knife wielder. Luckily for that man Kaius killed him. He would not have enjoyed my rage when I had a chance to return to the plane. Rest assured, I have shown your daughter how to summon me quickly if the need ever arises. I will not be caught watching hopelessly again.


Kaius of course was upset about this home invasion. He sent us to ‘negotiate’ with the mercenaries to find out who had hired them. They were rather unwilling to come and things degraded quickly. With a mighty roar the leader of the hounds jumped up and took a swing at Gidi. That was his first and last mistake. Gidi showed a phenomenal display of power and with lightning arcing from his sword smote the barbarian and all that was left was a pair of smoking boots. There was a brief pause as everyone took this in. The mage of the group panicked and launched a fireball that did more harm to his own men than us, Shan deftly leapt from the impact zone while the rest took minor damage. Your daughter wisely was hiding behind the stairs. We made short work of the rest of the mercenaries. The mage tried to vanish and escape, but between my girth and Writs keen senses he didn’t have a chance.


Some further negotiations revealed that there was a plot to move have the princess smuggled out of the city via the Magnificent Menagerie. Sofia was quite excited by this prospect, but I fear the ongoing siege meant that the animals in that place had begun killing each other for food. It was not quite the super happy fun place she was hoping for.


We discovered an elf beast master with some gryphons saddled up and ready to fly. He mistook us for his fare and demanded the 5,000gp for the job. While Sofia distracted him by demanding for a sample ride, the rest of us decided it would be a good idea to take the mans place to meet those who would smuggle the princess away. Unfortunately our ruse was not as effective as we would have hoped and the elf released the gryphons. A short brutal fight ensued, Gidi once again showing his magical prowess with the rest of us tearing apart the mans gryphons. Once he was unconscious and out of the way, Shan took a potion to take his place and began to negotiate with some foppish noble. I was hidden away in the cage ready to make an appearance if necessary. I admit my hunger got the better of me and I started eating the remains of the gryphon. It might have been tasty, but I was revealed at a rather inopportune moment and I don’t think the princess likes me very much. No matter. My duty is to your daughter.


Upon hearing more footsteps coming and the sounds of angry lions, we decided it best to retreat. We were all near the limits of our endurance and were very glad that Kaius quickly appeared with his reinforcements. He was a little confused by the male elf who seemed to know him so well, but Shan quickly tried to reassure Kaius of her true identity.


We have the princess safe, I have your daughter safe….now we just need to get out of this doomed city….


9 comments on “There's a bear in there.
  1. Alex says:

    Thanks Dave! Poor Teddy, a job at the Menagerie as a dancing bear would probably be less stressful

    XP time.

    For defending Caius’ estate from the attack, Shan, Rit, Sofia and *Caius* get 650xp :p

    For getting a great night’s sleep, and realising that the best way to survive a fight is to not be in the fight, Gidi also gets 650xp

    Getting their first shot at command and leading a squad well gets them 200xp

    Finding Pullo and taking on the Hundred (well, twenty now) Hounds gets you 750xp

    Negotiating a truce, and finding out how the Hounds were hired gets you 200xp

    Making it into the Magnificent Menagerie, doing a bit of renovation work and not being eaten by prowling lions gets you 400xp

    Beating up the beast master and killing his animals unprovoked 900xp (you guys avoided the two fights I thought you’d run into and beat up on this guy instead)

    Taking initative, moving quickly and getting there in time to find Princess Junilla , talking down the heroic fop and getting Junilla out of there before the attackers could get their hands on her gets the party 1000xp (as opposed to not searching Pullo for information, or wasting time going back to Caius. If you’d done that, you would have been ‘just in time’ to ‘save’ Doppleganger-Junilla)


    Shan gets 150xp for taking charge of the troops and coming up with several plans for how they can be used best.

    Sofia gets 250xp for writeups, for panicing and learning the limits of how many things she can summon, and general rp interaction between her and Teddy

    Rit gets 150xp for being a cunning rat and coming up with the plan to disguise Shan as the half elf.

    Rit gets another 200xp for springing a trap of his own on the attackers with the Menagerie’s beasts and making sure the party can retreat safely

    Gidi gets 150xp for trying to turn the mercenary’s pride and fear against them. It didn’t work, but it was a good plan.

    Gidi gets another 50xp for taking down the Hundred Hound’s leader single handed. I don’t like the idea of giving out bonus xp just because the dice were lucky, hence the small reward. But that was rather impressive, and it seems to be shaping Gidi’s combat strategy.

  2. Alex says:

    And turns out that gets you all to level 6. The totals as they stand are:

    Shan 23960

    Rit 23560

    Sofia 23460

    Gidi 23310

    If you think I’ve made any mistakes with my totals, let me know. Pretty sure it’s right though.

    So level up, and remember that level 6 is when a whole bunch of prestige classes become available if you’re interested. You’re welcome to use the 3rd party prestige classes so long as they aren’t obviously unsuitable for the setting.

    If anyone needs help leveling, we’ll do it during dinner tomorrow.

  3. Alex says:

    Ack, Gidi has 23210. I can count.

  4. dave says:

    Muhahahah!!! Another level! Just wait till you see what Sofia and Teddy can do now 🙂

  5. steve says:

    thanks heaps Alex.
    Can I say that Teddy actually sounds quite intelligent, noble, and literate – and it really suits him. I know his int is meant to be pretty average… it’s like he has a secret, more intelligent persona

  6. Jeremy says:

    Interesting piece of information: Rit can gain wings this level, if he so chooses.

  7. dave says:

    Butterfly wings? Sofia absolutely approved of butterfly wings for Rit.

  8. Alex says:

    A rat flying on butterfly wings. I almost feel like the monsters should have to make sanity checks.

    I strongly suggest Rit makes an investment in the flight skill 🙂

  9. Jeremy says:

    Rit will not be taking wings. He was considering taking poison crafting stuff, but crafting seems to take an insane amount of time.

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