How scary can dead bodies be?

Dear Papa,

Where are you? I’ve decided that I don’t like sewers, and when you come back, I want you to come and kill everything in that sewer. Or at least the slimy monsters in it. But I’ll get to that.

You know how we had to go looking for some men in the swamp? We found lots! We found some dead bodies that teddy didn’t want me to see, but how scary can dead bodies be? They are dead! Teddy is such a scardy cat sometimes. Admittedly these dead bodies did jump up and tried to eat us, but my new friends and teddy made them more dead. Deader. It was a little odd that they looked like they had been dead a long time and we had only seen some of them a day or earlier…

Anyway, we caught up with the barbarian wild men and it turns out that they like playing with dolls too! There was a whole bunch of them in this cave with an old statue. Writ or Gidi said the statue looked sort of like some old god, but we couldn’t figure out who it was. So we took some dolls and then snuck back through the bad peoples camp. It was a little tricky, but we managed.

When we got back to the camp though, everyone was gone! The whole place had been destroyed. It was a little sad… I had made some friends there. Oh well, we found a new friend! He was a funny man that Shan and I rescued from a bunch of angry villagers. I felt just like a hero. Maybe one day I could go with you when you go out to save the day?

The man got us to go back and rescue his wife and statues as well. I guess he can’t sleep without his dolls either. I’m just lucky that mine can follow me around! We decided then that we should find the army and headed back to Tarkmen but it was surrounded by bad guys too. Some men from a nearby town manage to sneak us in to the sewers on some boats at night.

And this is when I found out I don’t like sewers….

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  1. Dave says:

    Howdy everyone. This is part 1 of my post. I’ll write some more about this weeks game in due course. I just thought I should try and put up some notes about the previous two weeks. Sorry that it’s late and it’s a little Sofia centric. She does know that others do lots, she’s just remembering all the things that happened to her… yeah.. that’s it (absolutely not because I can’t remember exactly what happened…)

    Anyhoo, I’ll write about the sewers hopefully by the weekend… of course others can feel free to put up their characters perceptions of the situation 🙂

  2. Alex says:

    My, Sofia’s father does sound terribly heroic… majestic… a true champion of the land! She’s not The Mighty Fenrir’s daughter is she? :p

    Thanks for the writeup Dave, I promise I’ll never mention Fenrir again.


    For silencing a singing looter and his friend you get 640xp

    For your disgraceful abandonment of innocent statues and noble tapestries to rescue some woman you get 200xp. How could you leave those beautiful statues behind you monsters?

    For squashing slimes you get 700xp

    For making it back into the city quietly with both your protectees and your prisoner intact (well, mostly intact) 250xp. A noble family owes you a favour if you ever need it.

    For giving the Legate an accurate and complete report you get 400xp and ruin the GM’s plans to make your lives a misery if you had left out any of the important details.


    Everybody had some fun stuff this time

    Gidi gets his 50xp as promised for a heroic pose while levelling up, and another 100xp for knowing just how to encourage a troublesome prisoner to keep moving. If you had anything specific you wanted to put into your letters to your family, do let me know.

    Rit gets 100xp for counteracting Gidi’s ruthlessness and making sure his patient survives the trip back and ensure he at least has some chance of surviving the dungeons. He may not have managed to convince the guards to play nice, but warning Caius of the danger balanced that out. Good thinking.

    Sofia gets 100xp for realising tears and smiles open the way better than any lockpick or knock spell, and another 50xp for protecting her own interests as a little girl when it comes to candy and bling.

    Shan gets 250xp for learning a few new tricks from her master, and for holding to her order’s oaths of poverty, allowing the Shielding Hand to feed the less fortunate. I figure self sacrifice to hold to your character’s obligations is worth a few bonus points on the RP side.

  3. steve says:

    He’s not ruthless… just… has strong boundaries 🙂

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