What is a "gummi bear"?

My Lord,

Apologies in the delay in contacting you.

Your daughter continues to astound with her ability to ignore danger willfully. At least it seems she has heeded my warning and summons me at the start of the day rather than waiting till after things go awry,

The companions she is traveling with are proving their usefulness, and I grow more content that she is in good hands as she rests each night. We continued to travel through swampy terrain, stopping for a brief interlude of crocodile hunting. Sofia thought it would be the best present to appease a village that live in this area. I grow slightly concerned that her taste for blood and violence is growing to match my own, I shall have to be careful when she links to me that she not see too much…

The village itself proved moderately more note-worthy than the swamp, the residents again shocked by my appearance. Why they struggle with a giant bear form wearing clothes and are not as shocked by toad people is beyond me. Perhaps it is their limited intellectual capacity.

Ah yes. The frog people. We had barely settled in to the village when some boggards came rushing out of the swamp. Shan wasted no time in leaping to the front line, throwing a shovel to distract her opponents before laying in to them with fists a plenty. Sir Lorris showed his true worth, adeptly maneuvering his hound to lance multiple foes, striking grievous wounds each time. My only concern is how he can fight when the hound is no longer around.

A large toad tried to consume me, but with the help of your daughter, I easily adapted to the situation and tore the beast asunder. Much to the chagrin of the leader of the boggards. Still, he had not much time to fret as the creature fell to a multitude of blows from the entire group. A good fight, our foes scattered around us and their blood and guts splattered on our skin. Which reminds me, what is a “Gummi Bear”. The magus Gidi made a comment with an expectant look on his face and I confess I don’t quite know what he is talking about.

That will do for this report, I will endeavor to continue to protect your daughter until you and The Lady return.

Your faithful servant,

Theodore Golden Claw.


One comment on “What is a "gummi bear"?
  1. Alex says:

    Hah, I like it. Now I’m wondering less what happened to Sofia’s parents, and more who on earth they are?

    Don’t have xp totals with me atm, but I’ll put them up tomorrow, or combine them with today’s session.

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