So what IS a 10 year old doing in a swamp?

Dearest Mumsy and Pop-sicle,

I found some new friends today! And I don’t mean Teddy and the other friends who come when I ask.  There’s a chef lady Shan who always finds a food for me, two funny rat men called Sir Lorris and Writ who are even smaller than me. Also there was a half elf mage man called Giddi who looked kind of sad about something. He kept looking at me like I was some sort of scary monster and I don’t know why. I should get him some ice-cream…that always cheers me up.

Anyway, a happier mage man brought me to this tent where a very grumpy man asked us to help him find out what happened to some other men. I think he was grumpy because he didn’t like Sir Lorris’ dog. Maybe he didn’t have a dog when he was young and was just jealous.  They said something about swamps and barbarians and scouts but I wasn’t paying too much attention.

I was just really excited because it meant I could go out of the camp and have Teddy around a bit more. I hadn’t been calling him as much because people tend to be upset around him. Teddy tried explaining it once that he looks like a giant bear that eats people, but I think he was just being silly. He wears clothes, and a bear doesn’t. So of course he’s not scary.

We all got given horses to ride and headed out in to a swamp. The swamp was kind of a bit stinky and full of bugs and things, and I finally got to call Teddy. He did scare the scouts, but I explained to Teddy that these were my friends and he wasn’t to eat them.

He did get to beat up the mean barbarian scout men who tried to attack us. It wasn’t much of a fight, the chef lady can punch and kick and leap about, and one of the funny little rat-men I mentioned earlier got…hairy. Hairier. And wielded knives and blades. It looked scary, but wasn’t really. Sort of like teddy I guess. One of the barbarian men tried to run away so I yelled at them to go faster. Teddy and Shan stopped him good and proper.

We also had to fight off some giant bugs. One tried to get me but Squiddy came and took care of that, while the others fought off the rest with kicks and punches and magic. It was kind of scary. Lorris and Writ and Dartanian got bitten and aren’t feeling too good, but I’m sure they’ll be okay. Teddy was upset with me for not having called him as soon as I woke up. He worries that he can’t protect me like you asked him to if I never call him. I’m sure I’ll be fine. My new friends will help. I wonder what else we’ll find in this swamp?

I hope you are both well, wherever you are…. I’ll write again when I can


11 comments on “So what IS a 10 year old doing in a swamp?
  1. Dave says:

    Apologies for misspelling character names – Feel free to correct me and I’ll adapt the post.

    It’s been a while since I’ve written blog posts, but I’m sure i’ll get back in to the swing of it as we hear about the perspective of fights in a swamp from a 10 year old girl…

  2. Dave says:

    Oh and in case you are wondering, our previous game posts are still there.. just hiding away until we need them again 🙂 I should add a menu option or something for a game archive…

  3. Alex says:

    Thanks Dave! Now I’m really going to have to figure out where Sofia’s parents are.

    XP stuff: Pathfinder has three rates of advancement… slow, medium and fast. We’ll use medium, so at level 4, you all started on 9000xp, and level 5 comes at 15000xp

    You all get xp for:

    Splitting up and ambushing the Arkonian Riders – 240xp

    Refusing to share your delicious blood with the leeches – 480xp


    Shan gets 200xp for coming up with a plan to heavily tilt the odds in your favour against the foreign savages.

    Sofia gets 200xp for being an adorable and creepy scamp and a fun writeup.

    Sir Loris gets 200xp for standing up to the legate and defending his (and his dog’s) honour.

    I’m still getting a feel for how much bonus xp to award, and those bonues were relatively high because it was the first session and you guy hadn’t faced much yet. But basically, the idea is to dole out bonus xp for fun rp, cool or creative ideas, good plans, descriptive attacks in combat, or anything else that’s awesome. If anybody has suggestions, feel free!

  4. Steve says:

    You forgot Gidi’s xp (note the spelling 🙂 for making 2(!) puns 🙂

  5. Ian M says:

    Very nice work on the write-up, Dave. Note that Shan is a COOK, not a chef (she works for a living). Though if the somehow-both-cute-and-a-tad-scary little girl wants to keep calling Shan a chef, Shan will accept that.

    Alex – Don’t sweat the advancement / xp awards too much. Always takes time to get these things balanced to the satisfaction of all.

    BTW, free advice from a good friend of mine, given upon hearing that I was in a Pathfinder game. He reckons that the best way to “match” monsters to PCs in terms of level / power, is to “borrow” the D&D4 system (he likes Pathfinder, but has negative views about this particular aspect of the system).

  6. Alex says:

    Yeah, Pathfinder has some odd balancing, I’m not really following their advice on challenge rating. I don’t know how 4th ed does it, but I’ll have a look, see how it works. Cheers.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Very nice! Also, when it comes to Sophia’s parents, is it a question of where they are, or what they are?

    Oh, also no ‘W’ on Rit, but very nice in any case!

  8. Alex says:

    I *did* forget to reward Gidi’s puns!

    -1 level per pun 🙂

  9. Ian M says:

    ONLY -1 level per pun? Insufficient. I’m losing all respect for you as a GM, Alex.

  10. Steve says:

    Are negative levels permissible?

  11. Alex says:

    No, once you reach level 0, you die and rise as a copy of the creature that drained you.

    2 DMs?

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