Back for Term Two, 2018!

Welcome to Ministry of Game, Term 2 2018!!


Games start on Tuesday the 1st May.

We have very few spaces available this term.


Games with space…

Trails of a Lost Religion (Star Wars Fantasy Flight – Force and Destiny): 5 players max, 2 free spaces.

A Tale of Two Wars (Pathfinder) 6 players max, 1 free space


Full games

A Big Hot Mess (Shadowrun): 6 players max, 0 free spaces

Frontier Space (Gensys Fantasy Flight): 7 players max, 0 free spaces

Seeds of Rebellion (Star Wars Fantasy Flight): 6 players max, 0 free spaces

Tomb of Annihilation (5E Dungeons and Dragons): 7 players max, 0 free spaces


We run and advertise irregular fun gaming sort of events on our Events page. Check it out!

Some key dates for 2018:

If you’ve never been to our site before, have a click around – you should find the information where you’d expect it to be.  We are pretty much always looking for new players, and welcome people who want to run games. If you want to join, email us (look at the contact page) or leave a comment below. (Your comment will be moderated to ensure you are not an adbot, so won’t appear immediately, but will be seen by a human being.)

MoG Weekend away and Star Wars Adventures!

Hey guys! Just letting you know about some events we have coming up:


Star Wars at the Powerhouse (4th May)
Ministry of Game Weekend Away (3-5 August)


Let us know in the comments if you are coming or not, and to which event!! (OR BOTH!!) 😀
Please note, you are responsible for buying your own tickets for both events. Please follow the links in the information to ensure you can join us!!



The Powerhouse Museum is hosting a Star Wars extravaganza this year!

With a scale model of an X-wing that you can climb inside, do I need to say anything more to get you to come?? There’s also AR lightsaber duels, panels, coding astromech droids, collectables to drool over and heaps of other cool stuff!

If you would like to join MoG, we are going to the 9am-12pm session on Saturday the 5th May. Then will probably head into the city for lunch together.

Find out more and buy tickets from here. Adults cost $17 (including booking fee) concession is $9.50 and kids under 16 are free with an adult ticket (but booking must be made anyway)

Bring the whole family! Come in costume or your most awesome star wars shirt!


We are giving a new twist to the MoG Weekend away!!!
Book tickets ahead – early bird tickets are available from 18/4 (10am) until about 17/5. Buy tickets here.
EttinCon only runs for Saturday the 4th August, so there will be plenty of time to hang out, play games and eat food! You also have no obligation to come to EttinCon, and can instead just come up and do whatever!
You are also welcome to come along with your family – either stay with us or make your own arrangements.
We will hopefully be booking a house in Blackheath, so let us know if you can come and want a room (and what kind of room you would like) and we will do our best to accommodate all! You can also come up for the day, or organise your own accommodation and come hang out with us when you want.
Please let us know if you want to stay with us by Tuesday the 15th May. We will be trying to book something after that.

The journal of Azaka Stormfang

My name is Azaka Stormfang, tracker, guide and explorer of the mysterious jungles of Chult. Though I had never thought to bring pen to paper about my travels in the past, the events of the past week have been so wondrous that I am compelled to record them, that they may not be dismissed as the fanciful tales of a madwoman.

I saw a band of pirates disabled and left in the water by only two magnificent shots.

I saw elves of brilliant blue, and their clamshell chariots pulled by giant seahorses.

I saw a frost giant ship of mind-boggling proportions, fearsome in size, and the destruction it wrought.

I saw the great Aremag breach the surface of the waters, demanding tribute from his lessers.

I saw a red dragon descend on wings of sulfur and brimstone.

But, perhaps even more wondrous, I saw the men and women who faced these terrors without fear, and survived. I saw their skill and cunning as they navigated these troubles with barely a second thought. And, upon reflection, I think to myself: Whom should people fear more?


XP awards:

  • Deceive and then disable the pirate ship: 200 XP
  • Evade the frost giant longship: 100 XP
  • Offer tribute to Aremag: 100 XP
  • Talk down a red dragon: 150 XP
  • Total: 4235 / 6500 XP

Other awards:

  • Vinca: Master of Disguise Award
  • Kleptor: O Captain My Captain Award (awarded in absentia)
  • Stryker: One Shot Award

Trails of a Lost Religion

As some of the earliest graduates from Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi Academy, you are being sent on a mission to discover lost Jedi artifacts and knowledge.

Despite the victory over the Empire, there are still Imperial loyalist pockets and battles are still being fought. The New Republic is trying to extend its tenuous grasp over the galaxy but some areas are resistant. The Jedi are still viewed with scorn, doubt and suspicion. The galaxy can be a very dangerous place as you seek to track down rumours, and hints of lost Jedi knowledge…


Running in the Force and Destiny Fantasy Flight System, Character creation will be happening on Tuesday 1st May, with the campaign kicking off on Tuesday 8th May. Three spaces are available, so come along and join us as we save the galaxy!!

The job

“Arr! We’re under attack!”

Bosco Daggerhand looked up from the mug he was polishing – making it slightly less grubby – and saw the band of hearty pirates in his tavern rise from their chairs, draw their cutlasses, and rush out the room, leaving those too drunk to fight snoring on the wet tavern floor.

He heard the warcries, the clashing of steel, fiery explosions, the screams, and the gibbering of an ape and the growling of wolves, for some reason? He saw bodies fly past the doorway of his building. He heard the tromp of running footsteps on the outside hull of the tavern.

He spat in the mug and kept polishing. A particularly greasy stain was nearly out.

He heard a low magical hum, and the area just outside his doorway suddenly went impenetrably black. He heard the cries of confusion – and then a conversation between three people, as if they were parleying in the middle of a fight? Who does that?

He hung up the mug and took another, and got to work on that one.

He saw the darkness lift, and reveal two half-orcs – one of them was Heel, the first mate of the Stirge – facing another one with a dangerous-looking battleaxe. Their fight wasn’t so much a dance of blades and dodges as a bunch of brutes yelling and hacking at each other, each taking an inordinate amount of wounds that would have left a normal man dead.

Finally, there was silence. Bosco saw the shadows of the victorious party in the gloom of early night, approaching the door.


He gave a nod and a wink to Gary, who’d been standing attentively and put aside his mug and the filthy rag he was using to scrub it. Time to hide and play the victim. After all, that’s what got him this job in the first place.


What a massive combat! XP awards:

  • Liberate Jahaka Anchorage from its mob of sea dogs: 400 XP each
  • Tackle the flying sword trap in the warehouse: 60 XP each
  • Total: 3685 / 6500 XP

Other awards

  • Amberlyn: “Parley?” award
  • Gruffbeard: Professional Shark feeder award

The discovery

It had been a strange day.

Karrak wasn’t complaining, though – there wasn’t much that was less exciting than guarding the eggs all day – he just didn’t expect that, when trouble or excitement came to their mine, that it would take place the way it did.

I mean, a bunch of big folk come in, somewhat apologetically, say a few words, then leave? This was nothing like the stories of the ‘Add-vent-churr-rerz’ that his mother and father told him. Karrak expected flashing blades, scorching fire, a slaughter at their hands, not some sort of meek retreat.

At least the event had buoyed the spirits of him and his companions – Reek over there was boasting of how the big folk cowered and ran before their kobold determination and might – and now they had their own story to tell their children – thankfully without any need for harm, danger or bloodshed.

It wasn’t until Karrak went down the mine later that day to offer his daily tribute that he noticed a couple of dark shapes at the bottom of the pit. Looking closer, he saw the bodies of Grek and Kilik, an arrow in each of them, the ones whom the big folk said they hadn’t seen.

Perhaps he should raise the alarm – but then they’d have to go out and fight, and they’d never be able to tell their great story of how they scared off the big folk. Instead, Karrak pulled out the arrows, threw them into the nearest ore cart, and went to tell the chief of how Grek and Kilik somehow, accidentally, had a bit of a tumble and fall.


XP awards:

  • Defeat the Lizardfolk tribe: 200 XP each
  • Stealth kill two Kobolds – and then, basically, go home: 10 XP each
  • Turn a pack of velociraptors into food: 100 XP each
  • Uncover the hidden pirate base in Jahaka Bay: 150 XP
  • Total: 3225 / 6500 XP

Other awards:

  • Drax – ‘I just can’t stop rolling 20s, no matter how hard I try’ award
  • Vinca and Stryker – Light Side award for not doing an Anakin, killing all the younglings and breaking Kobold Padme’s heart
  • Amberlyn – best nonchalant lie
  • Kleptor – Man with the plan award for kicking off the assault on the pirate base
  • Frank – Parent-in-the-making award for tolerating the mischief of the little brat Chwinga

The voices in the head

Nanny Pu’pu stared wistfully at the band of heroes as they turned and went on their way, leaving her alone again. Why did no-one want to spend time with her?

Greg the Scorpion came to his senses, in the middle of the jungle, his brother and sister gone without reason. What had happened?

And Amberlyn, meeting again with her companions and journeying away from Orolunga, heard a voice in her head, “Are you jealous of their blessings? Do not worry… our time will come.”


XP awards:

  • Defeat the Pterafolk of Mbala and retrieve Nanny Pu’pu’s travelling pack: 250XP each
  • Discover the location of Omu from Saja N’baza: 150XP each
  • Defend your camp from three giant scorpions: 300XP each
  • Total: 2765 / 6500 – Congratulations, you’re 4th level! Please update your character sheets accordingly.

Other awards

  • Vinca for most courteous way to turn down a homicidal, cannibalistic demon woman
  • Kleptor for greatest fake sip attempt
  • Drax and Frank – Chumbawumba award for getting knocked down, and then getting up again
  • Stryker – Gentleman in a sea of thieves award
  • Amberlyn – Healthy self-esteem award for taking the exclusion from Orolunga like a boss

Camp Vengeance progress report, 24 Eleint, 1493DR

To: Grand Duke Ulder Ravenguard, Baldur’s Gate –

May you prosper greatly!

It is my pleasure to report that conditions are much improved since the debacle at our old site, Camp Righteous. We had established a foothold there in the hopes of sending squads of our soldiers to strike out into the local ruins, but unfortunately, the disgusting and heathen denizens of the Chultan jungle caught us by surprise. Minimal casualties were sustained, and we fled to the higher ground of Camp Vengeance, from whence this missive is sent to you.

The harsh climate, environs and inhabitants of this godless nation all conspire together to sap the strength and spirits of your most devout servants, but do not fear – the Flaming Fist stand ready to conquer this land in your name! Thus far, we have weathered the depredations of ravenous ghouls, cunning Batiri goblins, blue mists that bring madness and the neverending swarms of plague-bearing insects and still, Camp Vengeance stands strong.

Each trial makes us stronger and our battle company is ready to face whatever challenge this godsforsaken jungle has for us next. In fact, our camp is now heavily fortified, and our wisdom has grown such that we have begun alterations to the deployment of our tents and latrines to improve our hygiene. Additionally, our new ‘bucket classification system’ is doing wonders for unit morale, the sick among us are making steady progress toward health, and our supply of canoes is now more than sufficient to ferry our messengers, as well as our injured and our dead.

In a completely unrelated matter, my memory has been recently drawn back to an earlier engagement of mine, the Siege of Fort Morninglord in 1490DR, and one of my subordinates who served there, Private Stryker. Sadly, I neglected to mention at the time that Private Stryker distinguished himself by his devotion to his comrades and his battle prowess. Should he find his way back to the Fist, I recommend him for immediate promotion to the rank of Sergeant, and privileges for him and any of his companions commensurate with that rank.

I am, as always, your most obedient servant,

General Niles Breakbone, Commander, Camp Vengeance


XP awards:

  • Defeat Jago (aka Afro guard) and his Cult of Nsi: 100 XP each
  • Renovate and reorganise Camp Vengeance: 100 XP each
  • Beat back a Grung ambush: 125 XP each
  • Discover the ruins of Mbala: 50 XP each
  • Total: 2065 / 2700 XP

Other awards:

  • Stryker: The ‘I respectfully disagree’ award for turning around a superior officer
  • Vinca: The ‘Just two old ladies having a chat’ award for not judging Nanny Pu’pu

MOG Slot Cars 7 April

Our term one social event will be slot cars at Hornsby Slot Cars.

7th April 11:30 – 12:30

Hornsby Slot Cars, 126A James Lane, Waitara

Join us for Slot Cars – 30 min playing, 30 min spotting – for only $10 per person!
MAX of 16 people can be involved in the race – get in quick so you don’t miss out!!

All welcome, and we will be heading out to lunch at 12:45pm (venue TBA).
Please let us know in the comments whether you will be coming to slot cars and/or lunch!

RSVP by Tuesday 27th March!

The cleanup crew

Boss Yokka stood in the circular chamber, surveying the pillar and staircase before him. It had been a short but costly run through the statue of the Man and Crocodile, and he was determined to get some sort of reward for his trouble.

The initial plan was to wait until the intruders had entered the statue and then demolish their boats, but the big ones had left the scary woman outside, the one with the sharp huntress’ eyes. Then Yokka had the idea of ambushing them as they came out of the statue – hopefully weakened and lesser in number, as the knights had been months ago – but they all emerged not just alive, but in better spirits than when they entered.

So all Yokka and his goblins could do was to go in after the gang of big ones had left, and see if they had missed anything. After all, if the dumb big ones could survive the dungeon, it should be no trouble for one as cunning as Yokka and his gang.

How wrong he was.

Kraggit had ‘volunteered’ to jump the open pit and tie a rope for them, but fell short by a foot and broke his neck in the fall. Skub made the mistake of picking out a shiny metal spike in the wall, thinking it was valuable, and was surprised when a blade spun out and cut him in half. Fruggle was the first to step onto the square tiled floor, and got burnt to a crisp.

Yokka was the last one left, having gotten through the vicious gauntlet of traps over, around or through the dead bodies of his mates. Now he stood in the open doorway, looking up at the pillar. From his height, he couldn’t see if anything was up there, but he wasn’t leaving without a prize and he was going to look everywhere for it.

Knowing this blasted place, the stairs were probably trapped. Yokka shifted most of his weight to his back leg, ready to dodge back or flee at any sign of trouble, and gingerly placed his front foot on the first step.

Nothing happened.

Yokka did the same with the second step.

Nothing happened.

Yokka face broke out into a triumphant, sharp-toothed grin. The shinies were his! Perhaps the dumb big ones had already triggered whatever traps were here. He got ready to break into a dash and was dreaming of the future that awaited him – he would be a goblin king, chugging a mug of the finest goblin brew, sitting atop a mound of golden treasure – as he started up the rest of the staircase, beginning with the third st…


XP Awards:

  • Tame Obo the flying monkey and Steve the axe beak: 25 XP each
  • Complete the trial of the Man and Crocodile: 200 XP each
  • Make a pair of constrictor snakes feel most unwelcome: 15 XP each
  • Beat back the stirge swarm: 50 XP each
  • Total: 1690 / 2700 XP

Other awards:

  • Drax and Kleptor for best piggyback team
  • The pit trap for most damage dealt to the PCs thus far