Ministry of Game – Term 4

Welcome to Ministry of Game! Are you looking for a group of gamers that you can game with every Tuesday? If so, then look no further! Read this post to find out a little more about the most current games

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Silience on Facebook Contains text AND pictures!    

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“Anyway, it’s common NOT human, you racist!”

Session One: The groups finds themselves washed up on the pebbly beached shores of the Island of Parlund, their fleet apparently destroyed in a ferocious overnight storm. Tarbin takes the lead with searching washed up bodies on the shore while

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Wasteland Legion personalities

Ulysses Coffin Age: 47 (born 3082) Position/Rank: Wasteland Legion commander According to what little information is available, most notably his official biography, Ulysses Coffin is a native of Santa-Ana who’s rise to power largely comes from a desire to end

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(Boss, I managed to get my hands on a bunch of Interstellar Expeditions reports about a few nearby worlds. Best if you don’t know how. Sure, they’re fourty-something years out of date, but they at least give us something to

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A Cold Welcome

Seattle, 2076. Redmond. Tuesday morning. It stopped raining sometime after 2am. They were still on the run, then, still unseen among the long shadows and monolithic server banks that twinkled with green and red LEDs like a neon night sky.

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Weekend Away Feedback

We would love your feedback regarding the Ministry of Game Weekend Away this year – whether you attended or not!! Your response will help to inform Exec in our decisions for the 2018 Weekend Away! We have set up a google

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Wasteland Legion military forces

Built from the core of Coffin’s uprising, as well as a few defectors from the Grave Robbers, the Legion has grown to a multi-regimental combat force. Much of its strength has been drawn from a collection of pirates, failed mercenaries

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Silience: A Pathfinder Campaign

“We boarded those ships of our own free will, our every thought of the gold and the glory our noble cause would bring us. Hundreds of us set sail on a fleet of ships paid for by the king’s coin.

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Seattle, 13 January, 2076

Open for a fancy picture!

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The People of Seattle

Lorry Lorry is large even for a troll, a fine specimen of what genes and a gym membership can do for you. He works out hard to make up for the time he spends sitting around, which, as a getaway

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A typical night

6:45pm - Dinner will be provided ($8 to cover costs of food)

7:30pm - Games start

10:30pm sharp! - Games stop so people can get home at a reasonable hour

Feel free to bring along snacks! Cold drinks will be available to buy, but you can also bring your own. Just don't make a mess!