Ministry of Game North 2016 – Term 4

Welcome to Ministry of Game 2016!  Click on this post to find out a little more about the most current games we have running, and player spaces in these games. We welcome anyone 18 or over to join our games if

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That time it rained inside an underground complex

The Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII are tediously repetitive at this point. There are only so many ways to say that one disposed of however many undead before one is truly bored by the frequent miscounting.

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That time Ylajali got into cybernetics

As much as we would just love to invalidate the Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII, a recent excavation of some type of ancient ritual ground  has provided corroborating evidence for the existence of the so-called “wing-men”. 

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Saturday Night News

“…the event and locked down the premises until a full investigation can be completed.” The news anchor maintained that cheesy, meaningless smile as they moved to the next story. “In downtown Sydney, AGL energy officials are reporting a gas leak

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MoG Christmas Party!

What: MoG Annual Christmas Party Where: Carl and Stacey Purcell’s house in Normanhurst (ask for the address) When: Saturday, 3 December starting at 12.30 for lunch, till late Who: All MoG members and their guests How much: Bring salad or

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That time the skeletons executed the party’s plan

My wife tells me that this chapter is more “interesting” in the Erotic Chronicles of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII, compared to this rather staid and mundane description of events. That may explain why all sorts of pots have been found

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Closest thing to a Sabbath

Buzz.  Buzz.  Buzz. Silence. Damn, thought Sarah. Why won’t she answer? Sarah stood in the foyer of Reaper’s building and buzzed the intercom for her office apartment one last time. Three buzzes, and then silence. Clearly Reaper did not want

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That time Ylajali hunted for a dragon

We actually have a fair idea about the types of secret lair Sir Beresford and co. encounter in this chapter of the Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII. The southern sylvan elves of Erenatria were well known

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Hanging out for the weekend

Time stopped. It wasn’t magic; it was Sarah. This is what happened when her mind sprang into action. She didn’t know much, but she could work the hell out of what she did know. At this moment, she knew that

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That time a sword got a Malthenniel

There are times in this job when I just read a piece of text and think, how did anyone get away with writing this crap? 50,000 is more than the population of certain nations. And behold, we did feast upon

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Doctor Strange: This Saturday!

SO a bunch of us are going to go and see Doctor Strange this Saturday (29 October) at the Hornsby Odeon. We’ll be seeing it in 2D at 2.30pm. If you want to come, just turn up and buy a

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Current Games

Battletech: Bloodright
Space Horror
Back To Reality: Deja Vu
A Graveyard of Civilisations (D&D 5e)
Seeds of Rebellion

A typical night

6:45pm - Dinner will be provided ($8 to cover costs of food)

7:30pm - Games start

10:30pm sharp! - Games stop so people can get home at a reasonable hour

Feel free to bring along snacks! Cold drinks will be available to buy, but you can also bring your own. Just don't make a mess!