Ministry of Game North 2016 – Term 3

Welcome to Ministry of Game 2016!  Click on this post to find out a little more about the most current games we have running, and player spaces in these games. We welcome anyone 18 or over to join our games if

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That time they hit a force field

There are times when we in the academic community would wish that these chronicles detailed many minutiae that are left unsaid. Details such as the dwarven rune magics are quite fascinating to us, but as we all know, lack the

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This One Begins

—======!Ň!7!41!547I0Ň539U3Ň¢34¢7!Ɣ473Ɖ=====— NAME: Plinky        AI: Active Emotional/Surface Beta MODEL: ERS-7M3 (mod)    MODE: Chirpy TEMPLATE: PA        TARGET: Betsy ***3ƦƦ0Ʀ***RANGEFINDERFAILURE***3ƦƦ0Ʀ*** ***3ƦƦ0Ʀ***AIBOWAREOBEDIENCEFAILURE***3ƦƦ0Ʀ*** ***3ƦƦ0Ʀ***NAOROBOCUPAICONFLICT***3ƦƦ0Ʀ*** ***3ƦƦ0Ʀ***CORNCLOGINPORT9***3ƦƦ0Ʀ*** ***3ƦƦ0Ʀ***RANDOMTUNAMALFUNCTION***3ƦƦ0Ʀ*** 5pr0ck37 looked down at the table, scattered as it was with pieces of electronical detritus, and with

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Back To Reality: Deja Vu

How to helpfully summarise the spheres: Basic rankings of spheres: The first rank in all the spheres allows the mage to sense elements of that sphere. This usually allows both the use of any sense to discover phenomena of that

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That time they discovered a new species of Stinkasaurus

There is some minimal accuracy in these Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII. The descriptions of these animals, whilst fantastic, has correlated with recent reports from expeditions into the eastern mountains, though we believe their scale to

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Diary of Star Commander Karron

Those dezgra tank drivers have been leading us through the woods for days and just when we have them almost in our grasp we lose our opportunity! We expected Clan Steel Viper to attempt to capitalize on the Bloodright they obtained

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Civilan Guidance Corps Incident Report

The proprietor of the small bar Cascarelli’s, 103 Pillar of Teak Street Partello, called for assistance with unfavourable elements engaging in brawling and intimidation of his customers. On arrival at the scene of the crime my unit discovered Mr Kamar and three

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That time Hulk needed to see Dr. Emma Rye

It is a clear fact that the general accuracy of these accounts is most probably correlated to the in-narrative presence of the servants of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII, as will become immediately obvious in these next chapters. And lo, we

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ROM internal communication

From: Acolyte VII 𝚸 Dana Johnston To: Demi-Precentor XIV 𝚸 Gunthar Voss Subject: Clan attack on Morges Data Repository – 18 September 3053 Dear Sir, I report the results of the Clan attack and subsequent analysis. Three MechWarriors enterd the base through the

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ComStar internal communication

From: Acolyte IX 𝚬 Kevin Totilman To: Demi-Precentor XIV 𝚽 Gunthar Voss Subject: Engagement report – Morges Data Repository – 18 September 3053   Dear Sir, I understand that you wished to be informed of any engagements involving the Morges Data Repository.

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That time Grunk took up metallurgy

It is believed that this chapter of the Chronicles of the Legend of Sir Beresford Raleigh XVII was either lost or damaged, but was partially recovered by means of oral transmission, and thus replaced. All the references to singing seem

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Current Games

Battletech: Bloodright
Space Horror
Back To Reality: Deja Vu
A Graveyard of Civilisations (D&D 5e)
Seeds of Rebellion

A typical night

6:45pm - Dinner will be provided ($8 to cover costs of food)

7:30pm - Games start

10:30pm sharp! - Games stop so people can get home at a reasonable hour

Feel free to bring along snacks! Cold drinks will be available to buy, but you can also bring your own. Just don't make a mess!